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The Romanesque church of Bastidonne date from 1240 to 1250. We do not know exactly who built it: it is the prior of the Tour d'Aigues or the lord of the manor ...In 1486 it became a parish church baptismal and cemetery. The parish community brought various changes and transformations. Including: In 1656, construction of a small arched ridge collateral law. In 1686-1715, the expansion of collateral. In 1762, installation of the first clock. In 1842, construction of a new sacristy. In 1801, the forum threatened to collapse, two years later, the deterioration of the general church and rectory worsened. The council then decided to undertake the restoration of the church with the financial assistance of the inhabitants. The first phase of construction began in 1966, continued in 1974 and 1977. In 1992 the municipality decided to replace the clock. Today the Church of the Bastidonne has no assigned priest, the priest of the Tour d'Aigues just say a few ceremonies

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Eglise Notre Dame de Bonaventure
Rue de l'église
84120 La Bastidonne
Tel : View number 04 90 09 63 95
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Longitude : 5.567567
Latitude : 43.70086

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