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At the bend of the road, the village arises, mineral vessel anchored to the hill for eternity.
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The houses huddle against each other in a tangle of roofs. At the top of the steep streets stands the church millennium. Terraced gardens emerge sharp cypress, the silvery heads olive trees sparkle. In this unspoilt corner of Provence, a sunny friendship lurks behind every door ...

Beaumont Pertuis is located in the extreme southeast of the department of Vaucluse and Luberon, making it a country apart. This is an extended town adjacent to the Alps in the departments of Haute-Provence, the Var and the Bouches-du-Rhône.

The first reference appears on Beaumont in 1079, Baùmoun in Provencal also means the cave (in reference to St Eucherius cave).It is indisputable that he is back in a cave overlooking the Durance as evidenced by the writings of the hermit.

With its vast territory protected by hills and franchises (right or privilege) that the villagers skillfully obtained many of their lords, there were so many that the village has long been known as Beaumont-les-Nobles.

Beaumont's history is marked by several earthquakes, but the earthquake in March 1812 was of unprecedented violence.

Beaumont's inhabitants are called Beaumontais.


- The mossy fountain
- Church of St. John the Baptist from the twelfth century, fortifications, fountains, artists and artisans,
- The Notre-Dame de Beauvoir.
- The 7 lakes and the lake of garlic sauce.
In May do not forget The Sons of Lub ...


1 rue Fontaine of Matheron Portal

Fontaine doubling semicircular laurel wreath dating from 1838. All the fountains of the village were built at the same time with identical materials, limestone yellowing and cannons are cast.

2 Place the column

The column fountain resting on its massive base, locate the four Tritons beautiful cast. She gave the name to the place.

To the left of the church, original decorated house crickets, lion head, hooves, pigeon etc. More commonly known as the home of "Disney", it is work of a passionate inhabitant.

The Romanesque Church of St. John the Baptist it out of the ground in the eleventh century in the heart of the village, rarely available at the time because the churches were built outside the walls (outside walls) lack of space.
After the earthquake of 1708 land, the southern half of the building will collapse, crushing in its fall the oil mill and the communal oven bread. Inside, the altarpiece of the museum, there are five, each more beautiful than the other: they were released a few days before the collapse.

3 The old castle

Former Beaumont castle was the location of two terraces upstairs, it was razed in 1970. Its underground rooms are accessible by nearby wineries.

4 Devil Head

In descandant the street from the Church, are on your left the impasse goes north: above a door, little devil head beard and pointy ears (molding a Romanesque sculpture that was in the church before the earthquake).

5 Place Gilbert Flat

Flat Gilbert is the founder president of the Regional Natural Park of Luberon. Very pleasant place below the church, find a small water fountain buffet stressed pilasters.

6 Low fountain

The lower fountain has the distinction of being a wash under vault. It is supplied with water from the black hole that is seen on the ceiling of the vault.

7 Notre Dame de Beauvoir

It is the first building we encounter on entering the village by road from Mirabeau. The chapel was built in the second half of the eleventh century by the monks of the abbey of Saint-Victor de Marseille. In 2008, during a restoration project, a mural of a size of around 60 sqm is discovered. It represents the life of Jesus and would be the oldest known in Provence. Access to the interior is prohibited until the restoration is complete.

8 The mossy fountain and washhouse.

A gutter system masonry behind the wall of it, feeds the wash house under roof just nearby.
The laundry has two oval pools and two dewatering bars. The bottom of the tank was used for rinsing.

9 Holy Cross Hermitage

This twelfth century pilgrimage chapel was built atop the hill overlooking the village at 516 meters altitude. This hermitage was abandoned in the early eighteenth century. The hermit is a person, usually a monk, who made the choice of a spiritual life in solitude and contemplation.

A giant metal cross is planted in front of the chapel, it dominates with its height and grandeur village.

10 7 lakes

The seven lakes on the Durance, are artificial lakes created during the construction of the hydroelectric dam of Cadarache.

Natura 2000 nature reserve on the edge of the Durance, the 7 lakes form a unique zone for the region with different "states" of particular interest for water birds. shingle expanses of marsh and allow the nesting of many birds (eg the purple heron) or winter (eg the Great Cormorant). The place is also an important migration route (the most visible example: the black stork).

Access is on the D4096 between Mirabeau and Corbières almost opposite the junction of Beaumont-de-Pertuis (D122), the EDF Factory panel, pass under a small bridge and cross the bridge over the A51 motorway. The 7 lakes are on the other side of the freeway ...

11 Lake garlic sauce

Opening February 1 to November 30 from 7 am to 19h 30 all week except Tuesday.
Suitable for fishing without a license from Wednesday to Monday, weekends and holidays. Fishing for trout and carp. Picnic possibility near the lake, snack and refreshment. Fish is released directly in front of you.

To find this lake, head of Pierrevert by the D198, make about 1km and find a small sign on the right indicating the lake of garlic sauce. dirt road approaching the lake.
Holiday rods fishing possible.


. Also enjoy a hike from Beaumont Pertuis (10 km - 2:30)

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Dates and times

All year round, daily.

Languages spoken

  • English
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Free access.


Beaumont de Pertuis
Mairie de Beaumont de Pertuis
Avenue de Verdun
84120 Beaumont-de-Pertuis
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Longitude : 5.690525
Latitude : 43.737053

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