Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs VALRéAS

This little chapel will surprise you by its beautiful painted coffered ceiling.

The brotherhoods of the Penitents :
The brotherhoods of the Penitents were born out of the religious fervour of devout laymen who joined together to praise God, to work for charity and to seek to reach spiritual perfection through voluntary penance.
In the XVIth and XVllth centuries, there were many brotherhoods of Penitents (white, blue, grey, green, etc.).
The Penitents are not a religious order. They share a belief in voluntary expiation to soften God’s justice, fraternity between the members of very different social classes and equality through uniform dress (a robe of coarse material and a cowl to ensure anonymity during processions).

Valréas, birthplace of the Penitents :
In Valréas the first brotherhood affiliated to a religious order was the brotherhood of the White Penitents that was founded at the beginning of the XVIth century. The White Penitents devoted themselves to the sick, caring and praying for them every day.
Today the brotherhood pursues the same goals: proclamation of the faith, improvement by prayer and penance, charity, fraternity and equality. They put their faith into practice through processions and masses.

Chapel of the White Penitents :
This chapel, which was built in the XVIth century near the parish church, has a beautifully painted coffered ceiling. The intricately carved wooden panels on the walls were sculpted in the XVIIth century.

Enquire at the Tourist Office for visits.
You can find another information board in front of the Chapel of the Black Penitents.

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