L'Or Rouge des 3 Rivières


Tourist service in Entrechaux :

The farm, which was established in 2010, is located at the foot of Mont-Ventoux, in a small Provençal village. The crocus flowers are organically farmed which means that the saffron produced is of an exceptional quality. It is graded “first category” based on the ISO 3632 standards. Guided tours of the saffron factory are organized during harvesting (currently end of October- November), so visitors can discover the magical qualities of this most unusual spice. Visitors are also welcome outside the flowering period, by reservation. At the end of your visit, green tea and saffron-based sweet treats are on offer.
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Dates and times

All year round, daily.

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French


Group adults: 3 €
Adult: 5 €.

Group rate available for > 6 people.


L'Or Rouge des 3 Rivières
587 Route de Malaucène
Le Jas Nègre
84340 Entrechaux
Tel : View number 09 52 73 71 17
Mobile : View number 06 15 81 21 01
E-Mail : contacts@or3r.fr
Website : http://www.or3r.fr
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Lor-rouge-des-3-rivi%C3%A8res-170429009701050/


Longitude : 5.138202
Latitude : 44.218012