Summer 2017 in Provence

In this Vaucluse protected by Mont-Ventoux, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, every day offers a unique journey. Are you following us?

Swimming in Provence

Summer stays in Provence

night-time in Provence

night-time in Provence

Hiking and cycling in Vaucluse

Slow Vaucluse

Summer events in Vaucluse

Summer events in Vaucluse


Each day has its bag: sometimes swimwear and towels, sometimes shorts and trainers, sometimes a torch... Not forgetting the essentials: sun cream, hat, sunglasses... And (you will understand why later) a canvas bag to take everywhere!


Towels and swimwear

Today, it's the beach! Whether next to a natural or artificial lake, in Vaucluse we forget about the sea.
I can already see myself laying out a towel on this stretch of beach, the children running into the water with screams of "it's cold!", quickly forgotten in their enjoyment. All under the watch of a lifeguard whose presence makes you feel safe.
The dream: finally, you have time to read that book bought in the winter, sleep in the shade of a tree or a parasol, enjoy a picnic without worrying about what time it is... Go to Splashworld with the teenagers to enjoy the thrills of the Aloha racer or the Huricana Slide... The little ones also have a dedicated area as well as those looking for "fun zen" (an art in itself!) with the longest lazy river ride in Europe. The best plan: try everything!


Shorts and trainers

You will be spoilt for choice! From a bike ride to a hike among the ochre or lavender, including treetop paths or on the Via Ferrata of Cavaillon... There won't be enough days in your holiday to try everything. A good excuse to return, no? We chose the lavender walk: find yourself in the countryside, under the blue sky, with only the sound of the cicadas and birdsong, and the brushing of our feet in the grass which produces grasshoppers and butterflies; inhale the intoxicating smell of this blue gold of Provence! RE-LAX-ING!


The essential for your evenings... On the paths of the Ventoux to the summit, to watch the sun set and then rise, seated on the rocks, just in front of the small chapel. On the paths, between grapevines and lavender, for a walk at dusk or to go and admire the stars... Simple and magical at the same time!

The canvas bag?

No longer a mystery: it is the shopping bag of the summer! To be filled with fruit and vegetables bought at an evening market, these Provencal products found in the course of visits... In short, everything that you will take back in your suitcase to prolong your summer in Provence. Convinced? Vaucluse is just waiting for a guest: you!!