Step back into Antiquity

The Vaucluse is renowned for its remarkable wealth of archaeological remains. Not least among them are the stirring Gallo-Roman sites of Puymin and Villasse in Vaison-la-Romaine, with a magnificent 500-seat Roman amphitheatre right next door. It’s a magical and moving experience to wander among the stone colonnades and low walls that still mark out the architectural plan of a long-ago city. Sometimes only a few vestiges remain visible under the open skies – and yet, the site still stands, as if old Father Time had finally let go. Strolling around the ruined Roman city of Vaison, you can still make out the roads, the outlines of the old villas, the shops and the spaces where people lived out their lives. At the ancient site of Villasse, the House of the Silver Bust is a curiosity worth visiting.

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