Wine tasting sessions

The Carré du Palais in Avignon is a wine school right by the square fronting onto the Popes' Palace.

A paradise for wine lovers and oenologists, it offers learning and tasting sessions themed around the great local wines.

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Step into the shoes of a wine maker for a day

How about spending a day making your own wine? At Château Maucoil, Cédric introduces you to flavour assemblage, before letting you compose your own perfect blend, just like a perfume! A wine that’s exactly to your taste :-) The action happens in the cellar, which is transformed into a chemistry lab for the occasion. Between high stacks of barrels stands a small “chemist’s” table, an invitation to taste and select the flavours you like, for use in your custom-made blend. A bit of Grenache, a bit of Syrah… Blending is done with a very big measuring tube and requires great precision – so it’s a proud moment when you come to bottling your blend ☺ As a fitting reward, there’s a fabulous lunch afterwards at the Domaine... Complemented by a good wine of course!

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