Discovering wine

Vaucluse is the stronghold of winemakers, a land of prestigious vineyards and cellars. Fine vintages sit on the lees, with the taste of Provence imprinted in the very heart of the grapes... and the wines.

There are lots of ways to immerse yourself in the world of wine and explore the three AOCs that extend across the Ventoux, Luberon and Côtes du Rhône – including exploring a wine estate by bicycle, spending a night sleeping in the vineyards, or signing up for some tasting workshops.

And then there are the myriad wine festivals that fill the summer calendar, right through to the time for the next grape harvest :-)

Discovering wine


Cultural outings

In Vaucluse, summer just stretches on and on! Towns and villages lay on masses of festivals and events that keep you entertained through the summer season and beyond.

Before autumn comes around, take time to enjoy the lovely weather and explore the culture and architectural heritage of Vaucluse, its Roman remains, historic monuments, and museums. Some of these sites you’ll never forget!


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