Medieval celebration of the Drac

From Friday 28 to Saturday 29 May 2021 at 7 pm.

Event in Mondragon :

The Drac celebration is a fun, popular medieval celebration in the streets and squares of the village of Mondragon, which involves the entire town. Lots of events throughout the day - a big medieval market, activities to do and see, demonstrations of old trades, and a medieval warriors' camp - taking the town of Mondragon back to the Middle Ages.
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Legend has it that in Mondragon there is a dragon which haunts the waters of the Rhône river, and that the dragon climbs out of the water onto land from time to time, grabbing young maidens before disappearing back into the waters. For over 40 years now, perhaps to hold fate at bay, a festive celebration takes place to conjure the dragon, known as Drac. All day long, the dragon stands tall, proud of the homage paid by the people. The dragon parades through town, drawing crowds which both follow and stand back in fear.

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Dates and times

From Friday 28 to Saturday 29 May 2021 at 7 pm.


Free access.

Languages spoken

  • French


Centre Village
84430 Mondragon


Longitude : 4.717406
Latitude : 44.23594