Les Noctambules d'Avignon - Night tours of the city

From 09/06 to 10/10/2021, daily.

Event in Avignon :

Enjoy an unusual way to discover Avignon, medieval city that was capital of the Christian world in the 14th century. A journey through the history of Avignon, at night.
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The Noctambules d'Avignon is an invitation to discover Avignon at night, when it is less hot and when the streets are all lit up.

There are 4 different Noctambules themes:
- Papal Noctambule: an itinerary focusing on the papal period in Avignon and the influence it had, the changes it wrought.

- The Noctambule between past and present: a look at the vestiges of the past and perspective on their relation to the present.

- The Noctambule between Christians and Bourgeois: this tour talks about how both groups contributed to forging the city, since the 14th century.

- Noctambule of city squares: see the various squares in Avignon and learn all about them.

Each circuit lasts 2 hours.

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Dates and times

From 09/06 to 10/10/2021, daily.


One price: 25 €.

Free entry for children < 11 years.

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French


Divers lieux
84000 Avignon
Mobile : View number 06 14 23 41 31
E-Mail : info@lesnoctambulesdavignon.com
Website : http://www.lesnoctambulesdavignon.com


Longitude : 4.806969
Latitude : 43.950588