Gastronomic picnic AVIGNON

A great gastronomic picnic, a moment of sharing and conviviality, highlighting local products and the rich heritage of Avignon.

This event is organized by the association, Avignon, tu me régales!, bringing together chefs from Avignon, from different horizons but united by the same philosophy: the defense of local products and the promotion of home-made.

They wish to make this event a learning and discovery moment. Opposite the Pont d'Avignon, with the Palais des Papes in the background, the Picnic des Chefs wants to claim its anchorage in the City of the Popes.

The opportunity to highlight simple recipes but worked in a friendly atmosphere.

Booking online from septembre :

Adress / Contact

Ile de la Barthelasse
Chemin de l'halage - Ile de la Barthelasse
Ile de la Barthelasse
84000  Avignon


Longitude: 4.800116
Latitude: 43.953048




Program in progress, precise date has not yet been defined by the organizer.

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