Folco de Baroncelli, the poem of his life AVIGNON

At the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Folco de Baroncelli, within the scope of the Cycle of Renovation for the Palais du Roure, come discover this exhibit which tells the story of the life and the work of a very appealing person.

Folco de Baroncelli is the descendent of the builders of the Palais du Roure. He was very devoted to his Avignon roots, he used the Provençal language to write poetry, and he became a breeder of horses and bulls in Camargue. His life's work, however was to preserve the land, to preserve nature and to perpetuate his culture. He was a messenger, a spokesman, and also a creator. He lived life like a poem in three dimensions where the quest for beauty, interior torment, generosity and transmission were constant forces. In his quest for timelessness and beauty he inspired an entire population over several generations, without ever shaking his fist, in a land that owes him nearly everything it's got.

The exhibit is launched on 21 September with a programme of readings of works by Folco de Baroncelli (readings are bilingual in Provençal-French), by Céline Magrini, and a day devoted to books about and by Folco de Baroncelli, with sales of new and old books.

Related to the exhibit and to Folco de Baroncelli, the artist, the Palais du Roure is holding several different events, including the following. This list is not exhaustive, please call the Palais du Roure for further information :

- Screening of films on Folco de Baroncelli throughout the dates of the exhibit, on the days it is open.

- Screening of films on Folco de Baroncelli in the presence of the directors - Saturday 12 October at 5pm: Screening of the Invention de la Camargue or the True Story of the legendary Marquis de Baroncelli, by Vincent Froehly and screening of Lou Marqués, Folco de Baroncelli, by Alain Glasberg

- Baroncellian Day in Avignon (organised by the Baroncelli Association and the Palais du Roure), Saturday 9 November: conference-discussion on Folco de Baroncelli, screening of the film Une histoire immortelle, by François de Luca, on the Baroncelli-Aubanel dynasty of manadiers. Inauguration of a plaque commemorating the death of Folco de Baroncelli, presentation of a new book on the Baroncelli family and the Palais du Roure ...

- Christmas (Calendal) Cycle at the Palais du Roure (with the Association L’Estello d’Avignoun) 3 December 2019 to 11 January 2020, Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 1 and 2 to 6. Explanations about the Camargue crèche prepared by the Confrérie des Gardians de Saint-Georges and descriptions of the Thirteen Desserts and the Christmas table.

- Readings of works by Folco de Baroncelli, in French, Saturday 14 December at 3:30: Reading of prose and correspondence, by Avignon libraries, as part of the event "De l’art au cœur des mots".

- Conference on the Baroncelli family on Friday 31 January 2020, at 2pm. At the Ceccano library in Avignon: Conference: A Family and their Mansion: the Baroncelli family and the Palais du Roure, 15th century to the 21st century, by Louis Millet, as part of the event "Un jour, l’Art".

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