First but not last time in America - Kubra Khademi

From 02/07 to 31/08/2022, daily between 11 am and 7 pm.


Event in Avignon :

Kubra Khademi, an Afghan artist in exile in France, brings together epic movement, classical poetry and women's slogans from her country into a series of works. A poetic, feminist manifesto.
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Kubra Khademi, an Afghan artist in exile in France since 2015, is a feminist whose paintings and performances feed on the situation in her native country. Her representations of women are in no way motivated by any desire to show nudity. Her work arises from the obvious expression of physical freedom. The women unfold within mythological tales that have been handed down in Afghan culture, or within situations, that liberate from the patriarchy with beauty and humour. With this new series, using fabric and thread, Kubra Khademi continues her creation of a world that comes across as a fresco, with combat as in ancestral tapestries done by women. And the heroic gestures that we see go with striking words: Both epic and contemporary Persian poetry, popular poetry 'from beneath the belt' and the slogans that they brandish today against the Talibans. Kubra Khademi designed this year's poster art for the Festival d’Avignon. She takes us into an artistic world that is both powerful and free.

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Dates and times

From 02/07 to 31/08/2022, daily between 11 am and 7 pm.

Languages spoken

  • French


Full price: 10 €, Reduced price: 8 €.


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