Choses. Objects to guess

From 17/07 to 31/10/2020 between 1 pm and 6 pm.
Closed on Monday.

Event in Avignon :

Unusual objects from the collection of the Angladons, you are invited to come see, guess the name and what it was used for. A show that is actually a series of riddles. Full of fun and great for families.
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A keepsake from a friendship, a flask of salts, a hand mirror, a stone to find gold… an image stone, a cong, a wax holder, a bird drinking trough … These and other unusual objects belonged to Paulette and Jean Angladon, whose home has since been turned into the museum. The objects are taken from the Angladon’s collection, and await your eagle eye at the Angladon Museum – Collection Jacques Doucet.
This show is fanciful and was invented as lockdown gave way. It has been designed as a series of riddles, and is both playful and family-friendly. The many different things that ake up the show are displayed as if in a laboratory. No names are given to the objects, which seem unrelated to their context. The objects are there to be truly seen, contemplated, for their intrinsic beauty. The objects are challenging, thought-provoking. On the walls, you have the names and the functions of the objects … but not in the right order … Up to you to find t he name and function that fits what you are looking at, to associate the word and the thing…
The words themselves are exotic and fun to say. Many of the words are now old-fashioned, even forgotten … the uses too … and visitors bring them back to life. Today who remembers what a “dance card” is, a “glossopètre”, a “mouchette”? These riddles give the entire family a chance to practice their sense of observation and deduction. This is a great inter-generational exercise where the talents of each are put to work, leading to the jubilation of solving the mystery, finding the right word, savouring the victory!
Share this visit with joy and exhuberance. Sharpen your observational powers, and revive this old objects which were once so familiar to those who preceded us.

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Dates and times

From 17/07 to 31/10/2020 between 1 pm and 6 pm.
Closed on Monday.


Full price: 8 €, Reduced price: 6.50 €, Child: 1.50 € (4 to 14 years old).

Languages spoken

  • French


Musée Angladon - 5 rue Laboureur
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E-Mail : accueil@angladon.com
Website : http://www.angladon.com


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