Artist in majesty

From 19/09/2020 to 28/02/2021 except on January 1st and December 25th.
Closed on Tuesday.
10 to 1 / 2 to 6pm.

Event in Avignon :

The Calvet museum is working with the Ecole d’Art within the scope of "The Calvet Museum Gives Carte Blanche to the Avignon School of Art: creations, workshops, performances". Together, they propose an exhibition, "Artist in Majesty".
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This exhibition brings together approximately one hundred works from the 16th to the 21st centuries: paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos from the museum's collections and loaned by the Collection Lambert. Paintings include a superb self-portrait by Jean- Charles Blais, the photos on display include a self-portrait in the mirror of Nan Goldin. The exhibit benefits from loans from a private collector, the Ceccano Library and the Palais du Roure.
The theme of this special exhibition is the artist in representation. Self-portraits, exercises in introspection and self-promotion assert the status of the artist. Such works are shown side by side with portraits, the second most important category of art work following historical paintings.
The savoir-faire of the artist also has a place of honour. Scenes from ateliers show painters at their easel or working with their model, there is also plein air painting. Other categories of artist are also presented in this exhibition. In addition to painters, there are sculptors, poets, writers, novelists, a lyrical artist and a musician. A statue of Horace Vernet by the illustrious Danish sculptor, Thorvaldsen, stands next to a bust of the the American author, Edgar Allan Poe, portraits of Mistral, André Gide, Barrès and the famous Italian soprano, Giuseppina Grassini.
Many unknown or seldom seen works that belong to the Calvet Foundation come to the light of day for this occasion. The exhibition shines light on Vernon Blake, a British painter, sculptor and art historian who was also a genius inventor. One of his two self-portrait embellishes the poster for the event. This exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue published by the City of Avignon with assistance from the Collection Lambert and other Avignon museums (Palais du Roure) and museums in the Gard (Musée d'Uzès).

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Dates and times

From 19/09/2020 to 28/02/2021 except on January 1st and December 25th.
Closed on Tuesday.
10 to 1 / 2 to 6pm.


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