1988, works in the Collection Lambert

From 19/05 to 05/09/2021 between 11 am and 6 pm.
Closed on Monday.
In July and August, the museum is open every day from 11am to 7pm.

Event in Avignon :

The works displayed in this exhibition, the second in the Playground series dedicated to the works in the Collection Lambert, share one common point. They were all created in 1988.
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The arbitrary choice of a particular date inevitably raises several questions, some of which relate to the constitution of a collection of works of art – especially that of a collector-dealer –, others to the scenes that existed or were emerging at a determined time and space, and then, also, the memory of time and the events that the works reflect, the connections they have with the society in which they came into being and flourished, much as we did also.
The two Date Paintings by On Kawara, from 1988, attest in and of themselves to the physical, sensitive existence of an artist in his era at the time of their creation. They are these two pieces of time that are connected to and reflect private or collective elements in our shared lifetimes. They express a memory which is irrefutably marked by certain dates that will not go forgotten, a memory that is reactivated, as poetically as it is abruptly, on the walls of a room in a museum.
1988 is certainly one of the dates which resurfaces the most often in the life of the dealer and collector Yvon Lambert, for 1988 marks both the unforgettable exhibition of Jean-Michel Basquiat in his Parisian gallery - the first in France for which Basquiat had made some specific works, and the death, at the age of 27 years old, of the artist that the world of art, in the words of Rene Ricard, had been named The Radiant Child. 1988 symbolises a pivotal period which, in Europe et the USA, saw painting come back from the netherworld where some people had sent it a bit summarily. The presence of Robert Combas and Loïc Le Groumellec attests to that.
1988 saw a certain photography definitively take over the world of art, through movements by men and women who were to define themselves as artists - such as Andres Serrano, Louise Lawler and Louis Jammes – using the medium they considered the best able to question our relation to images in a society that had become ultra media-friendly.
1988 was also still the playground for artists from the new avant-gardes from the 1960s – minimal art and conceptual art, land art – such as Sol LeWitt, Joseph Kosuth and Jonathan Borofsky, and proves to us that there is no point in insisting on considering art history solely from the linear perspective of the
passage of time where artistic movements and scenes come one after the other. It is much more interesting to note how, in a given year, scenes emerge side by side with older ways, with which they coexist, either through disruption,
reappropriation, inspiration, dialogue.

The artists:
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Barry, Jean-Charles Blais, Jonathan Borowsky, Robert Combas, Nan Goldin, Federico Guzman, Louis Jammes, On Kawara, Joseph Kosuth, Anselm Kiefer, Bertrand Lavier, Louise Lawler, Sol LeWitt, Kay Rosen, Andres Serrano

The Playground series
In the text he wrote for the inauguration of the Collection Lambert in 2000, Alfred Pacquement described a collection still alive – in reference to the famous telegrams On Kawara sent to celebrities in the world of art. He evoked a une collection that was still alive, that constantly questioned current events and stood up to the test of time by refusing the facet of morbidity that is inherent upon becoming part of a museum.
Playground echoes this thinking, and positions itself as a program of experimentation and playing, applied to the differet ways of approaching the display of a collection.
In reference to some of the radical exhibition practices from the 1980s, we will explore the idea that new sensitive relations and new ways of seeing can arise from the arbitrariness of uncustomary and sometimes absurd rules, and will offer in exchange a collection still alive !

Starting on 19 May and until 4 June, the exhibit will be free of charge, with reservations resqured (on line as of 17 May). Pick up your pass at the reception, then enter from outside the Collection Lambert, through the entrance located 3 rue Violette, by presenting the pass you have picked up.

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Dates and times

From 19/05 to 05/09/2021 between 11 am and 6 pm.
Closed on Monday.
In July and August, the museum is open every day from 11am to 7pm.


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