Walk among the Bories ©Coquard

Walk among the Bories

embark on a discovery of Provençal dry stone architecture

A pleasant 5 km walk (takes around 2 hours) in the direction of Saumane in the Vaucluse mountains.
Two hours of walking around the Village des Bories in pine and oak tree forests to find the dry stone huts, ‘restanques’ (terraces) and ‘aiguiers’ (water tank).


2 hours



Parking :


Saumane – where the walk begins

This little walk begins at the bottom of the village of Saumane

The wash house-library

To get to the path, which is marked in yellow, you will pass a nice little wash house-library – an original concept! Anyone is free to come and borrow a book.

Gravel paths with views of the Alpilles

Walk among the Bories ©COQUARD M

Did you know?

Bories are dry stone huts which served as barns, stables, or seasonal homes for farmers in the 19th century.

In search of bories

Pass the town hall, and the path will descend into a little valley before coming back up via a steep gravel path (still very accessible).
The path leads onto a plateau with a pretty view of the Alpilles and the Saint Loup peak.
In the distance, you can catch a glimpse of the first borie.

Sweet scents in the springtime

On the rocks under your feet, you can still see the extraction site for millstone, which was used to grind grain and olives.
Pines, oaks, floral broom and small dry stone walls line the path. There are also some large half-ruined dry stone huts.
Continue on your journey, and later, the track is bordered on the right with thyme, broom and a multitude of small flowers which smell fantastic in the spring.
Then, the path comes out in the middle of a deserted junction. Big walls border the properties. An ‘aiguier’ to the left, beautiful Bories to the right – this time in perfect condition.

Walk among the Bories ©COQUARD M

Did you know?

An ‘aiguier’, in Provence, is a cistern dug into the rocks with stone arches, with the purpose of collecting water.

Walk among the Bories ©COQUARD M

Coming to the end of the walk

Finish your walk in the shade of the pine trees

On your way back, the scenery will change slightly with big pine trees before taking a dirt track which descends towards the small valley of Aumes and climbs back up again towards the village.
The walk finishes at the end of the path.

Don’t miss…

At the top of the village sits an impressive château-fortress which was formerly entrusted to the uncle of the famous Marquis de Sade.

Walk among the Bories ©COQUARD M


  • An easy walk for finding out about dry stone architecture
  • Perfect in the spring
  • For more information, please contact Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Tourism at www.oti-delasorgue.co.uk