Mill Itinerary - Le Comtat Mill CAROMB

The mill is located below the church, in rue de la Baisse, and has been in the Haut family for four generations, producing olive oil, on this very site, for 135 years. This mill crushes olives from mid-November to late December, using a granite millstone.

Coming down the mountain. This itinerary (which you can do by bike) skirts the borders of 4 very different landscapes (from North to South). Firstly, I travelled across hilly countryside, covered with forests, extending from the Ventoux mountain range, the Dentelles de Montmirail and the Comtat hills. This landscape forms the gateway between the Terrasses du Comtat and Malaucène lake. I then found myself in the southern foothills of the Dentelles de Montmirail, which is the Ventoux region’s oldest and richest olive-growing area. It’s home to old olive trees that have withstood many a harsh frost (including that of 1956). The scenery surrounding the foothills offers some fine views. Turning towards the plain, I can admire the Terrasses du Comtat extending before me. I then pass through the centre of a Terrasses du Comtat Provençal village (Caromb) which, like the rest of the surrounding villages (Modène, St-Pierre-de-Vassol etc.) is built on a low hill. I end my journey in the heart of the Terrasses du Comtat. Vineyards extend as far as the eye can see, creating the impression of a sea of vines. Now, lifting my eyes, I can admire the welcoming silhouette of the Dentelles and Mont-Ventoux. Tour devised by the Vaucluse Oliver-growers Group. Tel : +33 (0)4 90 78 21 61 - -

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Moulin du Comtat
108, avenue de la Baisse
84330  Caromb
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T. 04 90 62 42 05
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Longitude: 5.107774
Latitude: 44.10949

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