The Bastidon Pradon


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A quick and active ascent of the north side of the Petit Luberon, in a wild atmosphere between forest and scrubland. A long lasting feeling, pure thrill!
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From the Place de la Croix, go along the halls, keep walking and turn left on Rue de l'Ecole". Turn right and reach below the Chemin de la Fontaine (GR®). Take the road on the right.
1- At the crossroads "Poudarrigue'', continue the GR® to the right and climb the stony path. Reach a hillock (338m) and continue up to the right. After the several switchbacks, continue climbing the mount and finally reach the paved forest path.
2- Turn left and 20m further go to the right in the undergrowth (GR®). Reach the small mountain hut of Bastidon du Pradon 150m away. Retrace your steps to the point 2, turn left and take the forest track to the west (PR). 250m further, pass the crossroads "La Jassine" and continue straight, on the track. Let yourself slide over 1km.
3- At the crossroads "Les Aires de Bedoin'', turn right and follow the dirt and stone track. Continue on 400m on the plateau.
4- Be careful not to miss the path on the right (Cairn - turn around if you reach to the weather station!). Moving forward on the edge of the Barre de Fiot (markings hardly noticeable). After the Barre de Gautier, move to the right (point 601m), go 300m down and switch left into the valley. 500m further and 180m lower down, continue on the left flank of the valley, crossing several hairpin bends and come out on the trail in the foothills.
5- Turn right (GR®), descend some more then rise slightly to switch to the clearing of Combrès valley. After the vineyard, turn left at the crossroads "Combrès", then climb the old cobblestone path to the right that leads up some steps in the village of Oppède-le-Vieux.

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Duration: 4 h


Free of charge.


The Bastidon Pradon
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