Trails of the Maquis de Gordes through La Sénancole


Tourist service in Gordes :

Hiking and history in the footsteps of the Maquis resistance fighters of Gordes (1942-1944)
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At Place du Château (roundabout), go along the north facade of the castle, continue left when it forks, go past the Post Office, then continue straight ahead along rue Saint-Pons as far as the entrance to the cemetery (GRP). Retrace your steps, go under the car park and come out on Route Neuve (D102). Go up rue Baptistin-Picca to the right.
1 – At the castle (tourist office), step into rue de l’Église. Pass in front of the gate to Saint-Firmin church, turn right 20 m after rue Porte-de-Savoie, then go down rue Jean-Deyrolle (GRP) to the right. Pass the hairpin and go up the Bel-Air track. At the top continue straight ahead, cross the road to Cavaillon (D15) and go between two walls opposite. Go down the gentle slope, still going straight ahead.
2 – Let the path going to the village of Les Bories go off to the right and make a quick right just after the bend. Go down to the end of the tarmac and continue straight ahead along the cobblestone path (GRP). At the bottom of the small valley of the Sénancole, go left then right straightaway. Leave the path that sets out flat to the left and climb the gravel track opposite it. Pass a house and continue along the path to the left.
3 – At the top, turn left (PR). After the car park in the Les Bories village, take a path to the left that goes along a field of olive trees. Go along a big dry stone wall and continue along the ridge to the right. After two narrow hairpin bends, continue going down as far as the bottom of the small valley and continue uphill (PR).
4 – At the “La Sénancole” crossroads, cross the ravine on the left and go up the path of La Grande Combe to the right. Leave a path go off to the left (PR) and keep going for another 130 m.
5 – Turn right, leave the valley and climb a stony path. Get to the old La Débroussède farm on the plateau. Continue a little-marked path to the right, continue the path for 80 m and make a quick right then left into the La Sénancole small valley. Cross the ford and get to Sénanque Abbey.
6 – Climb the path to the right that sets off above the car park. Turn right and go up as far as the road (GR). Go down the road (D177) for 100 m and make a sharp right onto the path (GR). Go down it still going straight ahead. Come to a small road. Follow it to the left and get to the road to Sénanque (D177).
7 – Take the road (D177) to the right for 220 m then, at a street light under an oak tree, go left and get onto the road to Gordes (D15). Turn left, go past the big bend and come back to the castle (GR;).

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Duration: 4 h


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Trails of the Maquis de Gordes through La Sénancole
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