Road tour: The Jewish Heritage Road AVIGNON

In touring “carrières” (or streets), synagogues and museums, this road trip will take you from Avignon to Cavaillon, with Carpentras on the way. It is in this very region that, in the 14th and 15th centuries, Jewish communities lived under protection, benefitting from the presence of the Popes of Avignon, who granted them freedom to practice their religion and right of residency, whereas they had been banished from the French Kingdom.

To visit:
- The synagogue, built in the 19th century to replace the one from the Middle Ages.
Open Monday through Friday except on Jewish holidays.

Take road number D58 and then D 973 following the Durance riverbanks, stopping over at Cavaillon.
To visit:
- The synagogue, built in 1453, and re-erected in 1774.
- The Juif-Comtadin Museum (closed on Tuesdays, Sundays and holidays).
- The rue Hébraïque, a former “carrière” or medieval passageway.

Leave Cavaillon on the D938 road and drive to Carpentras, passing by Pernes les Fontaines.
To see:
- The synagogue, built in 1367, one of the oldest synagogues in France.
Open Mondays through Fridays (4 p.m.) – Closed on Jewish holidays.

Then return to Avignon by the D942 road.

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Longitude: 4.838529
Latitude: 43.94492

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