Parc Alexis Gruss PIOLENC

Each year between May and September, the Gruss Family sets up for the summer in Piolenc. The Museum with its circus costumes, posters, and souvenirs reopens its doors, and the big top hosts horse displays, acrobats, clowns and elephants, with the leafy grounds providing the ideal environment for the company’s many horses and ponies. Open 30th May to 1st September 2016. Open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm and from 6.30 pm to 11 pm for the evenings.

Visit the grounds with its many attractions and immerse yourself in the magical world of the circus. Why not spend the entire day here where you can enjoy the circus arts, designed to entertain the whole family, from morning to night. Lovely grounds, picnic and eating area. At 10am, there’s an equestrian display followed by a clown show and circus workshops (juggling, trapeze and balancing acts); then it's time for the elephants' shower and, at 2pm, there’s the 90 minute show.
Children, aged 6 and upwards, can enrol on a course, lasting several days, where they’ll learn about the circus world and become part of the circus troupe!

On Tuesday & Thursday evenings, the Gruss family stage their Big Event. The grounds opens at 6pm so you can make the most of the mild Provençal summer evenings. There’s music and an eating area where you can relax with friends and enjoy a drink or meal before the show.

Animals not permitted.

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RN 7
84420  Piolenc
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T. 04 90 29 49 49
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Longitude: 4.7713
Latitude: 44.163518

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