The Peyrollets gardens

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Learning Garden
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Learn how to respect nature by discovering more about it. This 5000 m² garden is dedicated to environmental education, with events and discovery trails for all ages themed around:
- Humans and their environment
- Living eco-responsibly
- Natural habitats and biodiversity
- Growing your own vegetables
- Bird species

Some of the activities: discovery trail through the forest and ochre sands; art and nature trail; ochre and clay activities: crafting, painting, making prints; breadmaking; building solar ovens; gardening: sowing, making slips, composting, learning about sprouting seeds; hunting for insects; pressing dried flowers; building cabins.

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Languages spoken

  • French


The Peyrollets gardens
chemin des Peyrollets
84570 Mormoiron


Longitude : 5.193866
Latitude : 44.063427


Longitude : 5.193866

Latitude : 44.063427