Glass and Stained Glass History Museum (Musée de l'Histoire du Verre et du Vitrail) GORDES

7000 years of human history, from glass beads to window-panes, from stained glass to fibreglass.

This museum was set up in 1975 by Suzanne Berheim-Brunner and Frédérique Duran.
It originated from a collection of stained-glass windows made by Frédérique Duran using the ""dalle de verre"" technique for exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Florence and New York, under the patronage of French multinational Saint Gobain.

The museum has continued to expand its collection since 1975, with objects that illustrate the epic history of glass, from the humble glass bead (4000 BC) to the ceramic glass tiles used on the space shuttle, and more recently, photovoltaic cells.

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Route de Saint-Pantaléon
D 148
84220  Gordes
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T. 04 90 72 22 11
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Longitude: 5.192816
Latitude: 43.88247