Old Convent of The Visitation

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The first convent of The Visitation in Avignon, named Convent of Saint Mary, was built between 1622 and 1623 by the Visitandines of Lyon.
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The church was built in front of the Pignotte Square under Mario Filonardi’s orders,who was at that time Archbishop of Avignon, from 1631 to 1638 and designed by the architect François Royers de la Valfenière. At the beginning of the 19th century, the community moved to the ancient convent of Capuchins. This private monument belongs to M. Thierry de Chirée. Visits on telephone appointment with admission charge.

Open for visits on Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm on telephone appointment.

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Dates and times

From 01/01 to 31/12, every Monday and Tuesday between 9 AM and 1 AM.


Adult: from 1.50 €.

Languages spoken

  • French


Old Convent of The Visitation
Place Pignotte
84000 Avignon
Tel : View number 04 32 76 39 38


Longitude : 4.811892
Latitude : 43.948096