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The brewery Brasserie Pirate makes craft beer in the heart of Avignon. Much more than a brewery, it is also a fun and friendly place, great for meeting people and enjoying a beer.
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After several months devoted to perfecting the brew types, five beers have truly risen to the top - dark beer, amber beer, a pale ale and an IPA are among them...

Our different types of beers:
- A pale ale called La Binch’, beautiful balance, mild bitterness, aromas of cookie, resin and citrus, at 5.6° proof.
- An amber beer called La Camarade, delicate, with aromas of lemon and grapefruit, 5.6°.
- A dark beer called La Black Power, a Stout, very dark, mildly bitter, aromas of coffee and liquorice, 5.8°.
- An IPA "Des Papes aux Punks", pretty straightforward, refreshing bitterness, aromas of tropoical fruit and woodsy notes, 5.6°.
- An APA "Habemousse Papam" with good, refreshing bitterness, citrus aromas, at 5.6°.

These beers are an excellent base for brewing in larger quantities for our increasingly large public.

We organise visits of the brewery and we hold sampling evenings. We feature quality, original beers and we have a range of delicious beers that are 100% made in Avignon, brewed with love. Bottled with care, artisan bottling. La Brasserie Pirate is located in a small street, off the beaten path, in a place that was once a printing house. The location is both discreet, and totally charming, an ideal location between the square Place des Carmes and the Palace of the Popes. Beer made in Avignon, delicious and original, made in the heart of the capital of the Côtes du Rhône wines. What an idea! Exactly our niche!

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Languages spoken

  • English
  • French


La Brasserie Pirate - Craft beer brewery
5 rue Campane
84000 Avignon
Tel : View number 09 86 27 01 65
E-Mail : labrasseriepirate@gmail.com


Longitude : 4.812094
Latitude : 43.949839