Parcours aérien en forêt - Passerelle des Cîmes LAGNES

The adventure trails at Passerelles des Cimes offer 6 different itineraries and 6 different levels, and 1 zipline activity. Accessible as of 9 years old, minimum height 1.40 metres. There are 2 other itineraries for smaller ones, as of 6 years old, minimum 1.15 m tall. The "Featherweight" itinerary for children over 3 years old.

The adventure trail park at Passerelles des Cimes is located in the town of Lagnes at the Les Cadenières site, facing the La Coutelière campgrounds. The Adventure Trail offers 6 different itineraries of varying levels of difficulty and 1 Tyrolean itinerary. Accepts children over 9, minimum 1.40 meters height.

There are 2 other trails for smaller children over 6 years old and 1.15 m height.

Adress / Contact

12 Chemin Fonds
Les Cadenières
84800  Lagnes
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T. 04 90 38 56 87
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