Hiking trails - Vineyard Hike in Vacqueyras VACQUEYRAS

Vineyard hike in Vacqueyras

3-hour hike over 8 km distance. Easy. No altitude change. Signposts are marked with a white grapeleaf on a red background. Start from Place Pousterle in Vacqueyras. Walk designed by the winemakers in the Vacqueyras appellation. This Vacqueyras vineyard walk is a true invitation to discover outstanding landscapes and natural riches. Fifteen sign posts explain the landscapes (signs are in English and French). Signs are beautifully illustrated and discuss themes of climate, soils, grape varieties, winemaking expertise and work, and the preparation of the famous Vacqueyras wines.

After a refreshing stop in Fontbonne, a small hamlet full of hcarm, near a natural spring signposted by a milestone from the 15th century, this trail goes through three types of soils in the appellation: rolled river pebbles, sandy slopes and pebbly sandstone. Then, see the orientation table which provides a panoramic view over the vineyards full of history, the former baths using the waters from Montmirail,
the Durban oppidum, and archaeological digs. The signs along the walk discuss the cycle of the grape throughout the seasons, the work done by the winemaker, who has long worked with the environment and the geological relief. After a tasting of the wine at the cellar, another walk is possible, along the botanical trail which starts from the same place.


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