Olive mill itinerary - The Oliversion Mill in Cucuron CUCURON

This mill stands in the olive groves. On the estate lands, visitors can see the orchards, planted primarily with trees bearing the Aglandau olive. In late morning, you can meet and discuss with the miller, about how he obtains his olive oil. At the Bastide Galon mill, the olive oils come from local olives. The oil is the result of man's savoir-faire, the soil and the climate, which come together to produce original, authentic products from the land.

In the very heart of the Aigues basin.
I love biking through the Aigues basin landscapes, characterized by this vast lowlands. As a result, the countryside is wide open, and I can admire the entire southern foothills of the Luberon framed by the range itself. On one side, you have the hills around Cadenet and Villelaure. Vineyards are everywhere, but they share the fields with a few cherry orchards, and a few wheat fields. In the spring, poppies bloom bright and red, the natural weeding of the wheat fields, vineyards and orchards leaves the poppy in peace. I follow my instinct through the Aigues basin, through the vineyards to the mill amidst the olive groves.

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Moulin Oliversion
Chemin de Galon
84160  CUCURON
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T. 04 90 08 90 01
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Longitude: 5.43973
Latitude: 43.77287