Hiking path - Via Domitia at Pont Julien Roman Bridge APT

Hiking path - The Via Domitia at Pont Julien Roman Bridge

A great easy loop walk from the botanical trail “Le Bosque”, then near the Calavon river to reach the bridge “Pont Julien”, a Roman bridge built in 120 BC. Distance: 11 km (r-t) – Altitude change: + 70 m - Time: 3 hours Starts from: Le Bosque sports complex (RN 100 in the direction of Avignon) - Marking: yellow lines

From the Le Bosque parking area, go back to pick up, on foot, the dirt road blocked off by big limestone rocks. Continue on a trail which goes along the vineyards, almond trees and cherry orchards. Enter a green oak copse, and reach a vegetable composting station. Here, iron clay outcrops rich in iron ore take over from the white limestone. After a field of Lavandin, go downstream from the sewage station and reach the ruins of the Rabas mill (named after this little stream which is a tributary of the Calavon).
Go up the karstic hill then go around the Ménage farm to the south. From here, take the road which leads to the Roquefure stables. Continuer on the little raod to the Roquefure château, which you leave to your left. The trail winds along cultivated dolines and has great views of Lacoste, on the left. Go through a wooded area (Aleppo pine, green oak), then go under the old railroad. Reach Pont Julien via a small road.
To return, follow the small road for 150 m, then instead of going back under the railroad bridge, climb up the ballast and follow the former railroad track to the Roquefure road. From there, retrace your steps.

Loop itinerary possible starting from Pont Julien. Time: 1 hour

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