The Enclave des Papes vineyards VISAN

Distance 10 km – Time: 2 1/2 h - Yellow markings on wood posts, the circuit is most often on small asphalt roads with very little traffic, and small paths. Leave from: Place de la Coconnière in Visan.

From the square, take the D20 in the direction of Vaison la Romaine (D20). Be careful - this is a road which can have traffic. Continue until you leave the village. At the "La Plantade" crossroads, go on the right on a small asphalt road, in the direction of Monnier. Nice view of the vineyards, uphill on the tarred road. At a crossroads, turn left and follow the tarred road, go past a farm. Turn left to pass in front of the farm. The road ends and turns into a path which you take until you hit the D20. Lovely path which goes along vineyards and woods. Beautiful view over Mont Ventoux. At the stop sign when you reach the D20, go opposite on the small tarred road (sign says Combauche) in the direction of Ruisseau du Cubert. From there, the marking also indicates the mountain biking circuit. Go to the right in the direction of Cubert Haut until you cross the asphalt road which comes from Saint Maurice - be careful, on this part, the mountain-biking circuit goes to the left at point 335, do not take this but continue on straight, following the yellow markings. At the tarred road, at the Cubert Haut sign, go left toward Charpene. At this sign, go left slightly below on the right, go right on the trail which goes into a small pine woods. Follow this train which takes you to a dirt path then to a tarred road which goes down. Arrive at the crossroads where there is a crucifix on the right. Go left in the direction of the top of the village to see the ruins of the Château du Marot (orientation tables at the top of the hill). Go back down to Place de la Coconnière along the narrow streets.

Hikes in the Enclave des Papes
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