Fontaine de Vaucluse chasm FONTAINE-DE-VAUCLUSE

This is one of the deepest chasms in the world or, when there are high water levels, a resurgence gushing with emerald green water which meanders gently through the Vaucluse. A stroll up the river, as far as the chasm, is a lovely outing, suitable for all the family, all year round. You'll find your reward at the end of a hard-surfaced track.

In summer, it’s a deep hole where not even the bravest would dare to venture and, in spring, a gushing, tumultuous torrent. This unique site, subject to the whims of nature, is a truly wonderful spectacle: a green valley traversed by a river, and at the very end, an immense cliff, with a sheer 240 m drop, encircling the chasm. Numerous artists, poets and writers have been seduced by the beauty of the place over the years, such as Pétrarque, René Char, Chateaubriand, Frédéric Mistral etc. This extraordinary resurgence with its gushing water, has been the site of regular explorations, dating back to 1878, long after Saint-Véran chased the dragon from the source, as legend has it! The village itself, once known as the “Vallis Clausa” (the closed valley), gave its name to the Department. A little further upstream, the River Sorgue, follows its course, shaded by weeping willows and hundred-year-old plane trees. You can paddle down this section of the river by canoe. For details, inquire at the Tourist Information Office. Take a virtual visit of the chasm and uncover its secrets.

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La Fontaine de Vaucluse
Chemin de la Fontaine
84800  Fontaine-de-Vaucluse
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Longitude: 5.13271
Latitude: 43.91796