Festival of the fig of Caromb CAROMB

On Sunday 9th July 2017, the brotherhood of the “Figue Longue Noire de Caromb” is organising the 11th festival of the Caromb Fig, celebrating this subtle yet richly flavoured fruit, in the heart of its historic birthplace.

To celebrate the harvest of the long black fig of Caromb, visitors will be able to learn everything about fig growing, and taste and buy freshly picked or cooked figs. At the heart of Provence, at the foot of Mont-Ventoux, during this event the village of Caromb welcomes fig producers and gourmet artisans who set up in the market. You will be able to attend the parade of the association of the Long Black Fig. In a colourful, festive and musical atmosphere, a range activities will keep you entertained all day long: Giant jam making in a large cauldron by the jam maker Christophe George, merry-go-round, clown and wooden games for the children.

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Festival of the fig of Caromb
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84330  Caromb
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T. 06 80 75 21 18
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Sunday 9 July 2017.


Longitude: 5.107716
Latitude: 44.1109