Hortus 2.0 AVIGNON

An ambitious exhibit displayed in several sites in historical city centre of Avignon. Gardens, their myriad marvels and artistic metamorphoses compose the subtle thread seamlessly running through the events and venues.

The exhibit is an original sensorial experience highlighting some thirty works by celebrated national and international artists. Certain works are being created specifically for the places they will be seen. Digital herbiers, virtual plants, fragrant vegetation and 3-D green sculptures, sound-filled gardens and tactile plants weave a creation where metaphors and artistic transfigurations come to life. Hortus 2.0 invites audiences to better understand their own perceptions of gardens and the changes in nature facing the technological transformations in today’s world.

Artists: Hicham Berrada, Vincent Broquaire, France Cadet, Miguel Chevalier,
Edmond Couchot & Michel Bret, Bertrand Gadenne, Laurent Pernot, Davide w, Scénocosme, Antoine Schmitt, Momoko Seto.

Adress / Contact

Hortus 2.0
17 rue Victor Hugo
84000  Avignon
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T. 04 90 86 03 79
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From 02/06 to 01/10/2017.
Closed on monday.


Longitude: 4.800679
Latitude: 43.947225