Saint-Hubert Botanical Trail MONIEUX

This lovely walk lets you discover the flora, the vestiges of past farming activities and other country activities such as charcoal-making and water collection.

Starting point: Monieux – parking lot at the St-Hubert gite d’étape lodgings
Saint-Hubert farm (hikers’ lodging) is located 30 km east of Carpentras via the D4 and D5 roads through Méthamis. From Saint-Hubert, take the D5 road 200 m to the south, and continue on a path lined with oak, to the sign post “Mur de la Peste”. To see the restored part of the Plague Wall – a recommended detour – go straight 500 m until the “Pas du Viguier”). From there, a marked path, with wood posts marked with a green arrow, shows the way. Explanatory signs on the way. Follow a path on the left to the Grand Adrech. Turn left in the direction of Lausemolan, then turn to the right on the Botanical Trail. Once back on the path, go the right for 950 metres, to La Jaille where you will see a lovely stone aiguier – or water reservoir, where the flocks drank. Mont Ventoux is in the background. Go back a few dozen meters, and take the path to the right to the ruins of the Lausemolan farm (17th century farm). This impressive farm had been built for a totally self-sufficient lifestyle, with a closed courtyard separating the farm and dwelling buildings. Walk along the farm and get back to the intersection with the GR®9. Take a rocky path to the left to get back to the D5 and Saint-Hubert farm.

Map: IGN Top 25 n°3141 OT Carpentras
Topoguide Les Monts de Vaucluse… à pied, Éd. FFRP (réf. P 842)
Information: Monieux Tourism Office Tel. 04 90 64 14 14

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Saint Hubert
84390  Monieux
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T. 04 90 64 14 14
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Longitude: 5.321543
Latitude: 44.02477