Roman sites in Vaison la Romaine VAISON LA ROMAINE

Open mid-February to late December

In the city of Vaison-la-Romaine, ranked among "the most beautiful detours in France", discover a true open-air museum - the biggest Gallo-Roman site in France. The vestiges cover over fifteen hectares, and the public can visit eight hectares of ruins on two sites which stand at the base of the medieval city, silent witness to the past grandeur of the Roman city of Vasio.

The visit of the Puymin hill takes you into a veritable neighbourhood of the Roman city, with paved streets, the shops, the Nymphea - a fountain and pools - the sanctuary known as the "Sanctuaire à Portiques", a public monument framing a vast garden with columns and rich patrician homes such as the Home with the wreathed Apollo, covering 2000 m2, which was perhaps the home of the Messii family, a leading family in Vasio. See the dining room (triclinium), the kitchens, private baths, latrines, and the big garden with portico and a pool. Also see the 3000-m2 home, the "Maison à la Tonnelle" built on 3 levels.

The archaeological site of La Villasse lies below this quarter, and is bordered by the street with shops and columns. See the public baths, rich private homes of exceptional size, such as the House with the Silver Bust, covering over 5000m² with a series of rooms, courtyards, gardens. Also see the "Dolphin House". As it was being excavated, this house revealed the successive transformations which changed it from a modest, rustic home into a comfortable city mansion - testimony to the developments in the city of Vasio.

Guided visits during school holidays, also visit on own with audioguide in F, GB, D, NL + special commentary for the younger audiences.


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