Fléchier House - Comtadine Traditions Museum PERNES LES FONTAINES

Fléchier House - Museum of Traditions from the Comtat Venaissin

This lovely city mansion from the 17th century is home to the Museum of traditions from the Comtat Venaissin. See the Christmas traditions, see the tradition of well-wishing to newborn babies and their mothers, and the local tradition of silkworm raising. See a Santon maker's workshop. Free. Closed on Tuesdays.

The home of Esprit Fléchier, a famous orator at the court of King Louis XIV, this city mansion from the 17th century is a treasured asset of the historical architecture of the town. The entrance hall displays a picture of the Canal de Carpentras, a work by Pernes engineer Louis Giraud. The creation of this canal turned the Comtat plains into the garden of France in the 19th century.
On the 1st floor see a 19th century dining room at the time of Christmas Eve. The table is set for the "Gros Souper", with the Christmas traditions dear to the heart of Comtadin citizens: Saint Barbe, the cacho fio, the Christmas table with three cloths and three chandeliers, the contents of the meal itself and the thirteen desserts.
In an adjoining room see the tradition of extending good wishes of the newborn child and the new mother. It is surprising to see the presents given to a young mother in the three days that follow giving birth. Other rooms pay tribute to the great orator Esprit Fléchier. On the 2nd floor, see the reconstitution of the workshop of the last santon maker in the village, Ludovic Montagard. See his tools, moulds and of course the santons he made. Then, discover a magnanerie - the place where silkworms were raised - a family job that brought income for Comtadin families.

Entrance is free of charge - visit on own. OPEN from April to end of September and Christmas holidays.Closed on Tuesday. 

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