Bories Village GORDES

This village of bories was ranked as a Historical Monument in 1977. It holds the biggest group of bories. where you can see bories which served as sheepfolds, bread ovens, wine storage, fences and walls. Visit on own, or guided tours by advance reservation. Video in French with English sub-titles.

In Gordes, the origin of the drystone huts known as -Bories- is thought to go back to the Ligurian tribes who lived in this region several centuries BC. Bories, also referred to as -the huts of the Gauls- are built from stone without the use of mortar, based on the architectural principle of the corbelled vault. The construction of these traditional huts used the stones which were cleared from the fields, and bories continued to be built up until last century. The Borie Village, restored between 1969 and 1976, stands today as it did when the last inhabitants abandoned it approximately 150 years ago. For senior citizen groups, the Town Hall provides a free shuttle bus. Reservations are required, at the Town Hall. No shuttle bus on Saturday afternoon, Sunday and holidays. Guided tours for groups, reserve ahead with the Tourism Office at 04 90 72 02 75. Open all year long except 1 January and 25 December.

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Les Savournins
84220  GORDES
T. +33 (0) 4 90 72 03 48

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Longitude: 5.180032
Latitude: 43.90729