The Knights Templar Commandery in Richerenches RICHERENCHES

The Order of the Temple Commandery

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Visit on own. Signs and explanatory displays tell you about the life of the Knights Templar and the history of the Commandery in Richerenches as you tour. The building was restored in 2007, and now houses tourism information, display space and an auditorium.

The best preserved Knights Templar Commandery in Provence. The Order of the Knights Templar was founded in the 12th century, for the purpose of protecting pilgrims who made the journey to the Holy Land. In the year 1136, Hugues de Bourbouton, the lord of a small seigniory 2km from Richerenches, gave part of his land to the Order of the Temple. The first Commandery of the Knights Templar of Provence was built on the land in Richerenches. Marshy land was drained, and farm production was started, in particular horse-raising and flocks of sheep. In the year 1138 the Commandery reached the peak of its development, and became a "chef-d'ordre" or "préceptorie" to which the other Commanderies in Provence were subservient. It was also one of the biggest horse stables in all of France. That same year, Hugues de Bourbouton became a Knight in the order, and donated all his worldly goods. He then became the Commander. At that time, the Commandery was established in a large rectangular space 74 metres to the north, 81 metres to the south, 58 metres to the east and 55 metres to the west. It was surrounded by ramparts and towers, and contained dwellings, a chapel, a forge, farm buildings and crafts buildings. The "Maison Templière" is the most beautiful and impressive of the Knights Templar Commandery. Magnificent nave 32 by 11 metres. The beautiful stone construction is surrounded by enormous flying buttresses, connected at the top by arcades. The building is a veritable dungeon, and the flat roof, once surrounded by crenelatoin, served for defence purposes.


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