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The sumptuous, impressive palace was the symbol of the power and might of Christianity and of the temporal and spiritual power wielded by the Popes.

The biggest Gothic Palace in the world. Seven Popes and two schismatic Popes lived in Avignon during the 14th century. The Palace was primarily built by two Popes Benoît XII and Clément VI.
You tour the grand rooms where the ceremonies and banquets took place, the chapels with their painted walls, the private papal apartments, the terraces with their magnificent views over the city of Avignon and the Rhône Valley.
Visit the Museum which is inside the palace and included in the visit. This new museum space has illustrated displays, interactive models, archaeological objects and documents which explain, in an entertaining and educational manner, the development of the construction of the palace and the preparation of the fabulous decors.
Visit on own with audio guide in 11 languages: FR, GB, D, JP, SP, NL, IT, CH, Russian... Guided tours are available too.
Shop, books for children on the Palace of the Popes, baby clothing up to 15 kg.
Avignon has an overwhelming urban landscape - the Rocher des Doms area overlooks the city and the Rhône river, and contains an outstanding set of buildings: the Pont d'Avignon - the famous Pont Saint Bénezet - the Ramparts, the Petit Palais, the Cathédrale des Doms and the magnificent walls of the Palace of the Popes, flanked by four towers. This unique architectural ensemble is ranked as UNESCO Heritage for Humanity.
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Free for children under 8

Open all year. Hours: March: 9am to 6:30 pm. April to June & September to 1 November: 9am to 7pm. July: 9am to 8pm. August: 9am to 8.30pm. 2 November to February: 9.30am to 5.45 pm.

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